Strategxpedition Summit
“People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”
― Simon Sinek

Moving out of the fog to clarity—inspired to exceed your organizational goals.

We invite you to go on our most impactful expedition into the heart and soul of your company. This session is for any organization that needs to figure out why they exist and how to get customers to buy your “why” you do it.  It is most important for the wellness of your organization to take this much needed time to reflect, discover, and focus energy on your strategic challenges. 



When you know where you are going and how to get there…you are inspired to do great things.



This strategic session is suitable for entrepreneurs, educators, funded startups, small businesses, top executives and CEOs.



We begin by exploring goals and challenges. Next, we guide you through an ultimate process of realigning your organizations compass - your vision, values, purpose, and culture, to discover your true north. Once we have clarity of direction, we guide you to the edge, probing deeper to uncover the real truths. No stone is left unturned. Then, we assemble your most able explorers, to create truly innovative solutions and draw up a very tangible roadmap to exceed the stated goals. Your deliverable is a printed detailed plan of inspiration and action!  You will achieve commitment and accountability from all of your champions. You walk out certain your team is all paddling in the same direction.

Your unique pathway for your journey will have the following consistent checkpoints:

  1. Basecamp— You will begin your journey with a consultation prep-call to kick off the two-week trek before the actual StrategXpedition. As the leader, you will share your values—goals—challenges and together, we will list any obstacles.
  2. PreparationDetermine Facts/Research. Once we have the prioritized list of strategic objectives for your team, we will determine the specific facts/metrics needed before the meeting.
  3. Equipment Check—Critical Path Checkpoint. We like to check-in with you before we proceed, to make sure we are on track and have everything prepared correctly for a successful summit. We will visit your current list of values—what you now see as your purpose. We need to get a sense of your current compass position in relation to your True North. In order to get the most from your session, we like to include your team in prioritizing your list from 12-15 challenges, down to the top 3 most important strategic objectives (usually by email preferably no later than 24 hours of the meeting). We will also confirm the date and time for the meeting, as well as the ideal resource group based on your objectives. In addition, we will prepare an “equipment list” of all relevant facts and emotions about the objectives for each team member to prepare before the summit meeting. 
  4. Pack EssentialsDiagnostic/Research. We will need to refine the equipment list to include any specific diagnostic data or metrics in relation to your objectives. This will save valuable time and energy in the meeting.  You need to perform a check up or snap shot of your current reality as it pertains to the goals and objectives. This needs to occur, preferably, one week before the actual meeting. The prep-list will be sent to each member of the resource group at least 24 hours before the meeting. 
  5. Summit CampStrategXpedition. The process for the meeting will always be consistent with the objectives listed in the chart. (see detailed meeting infographic  to left)
  6. Summit StrategyFollow-up call/meeting. is to make sure our summit strategy is on target and we still have commitment and energy to execute the plan and actually summit. Remember what our mission is… at this point we ARE going to do this! There is no turning back! So, we will follow up on the action plan(s) to double-check, troubleshoot, sanitize, and purify the entire plan to include any new items, resources, date changes, etc. 
  7. Energy to ascendComplete Action Plans: The final plans should be delivered to the appropriate people preferably within 2 weeks of the Strategic date or sooner. This is a critical point to make sure we have the right strategy and resources to exceed your goals. It is inspiring to have the finished roadmap in your hands!
  8. SummitExecution—Descent analysis. This follow-up is critical to keep everyone accountable for results. Remember we are not successful just to summit—we must make sure we get everyone and all resources included to the celebration party. We will guide you through your pathway to success including coaching and any appropriate items relevant to assisting your team with execution and accountability of the Plan(s).
All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.”   — J. R. R. Tolkien


When you are ready! Just send us a request for proposal. We will get with you asap for an initial 30 minute phone call to start your journey. The time frame of course will depend on the size and scope of your challenge.



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