Sales Strategxpedition
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Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point.

Henry Mintzberg


Impactful Strategy Session to Facilitate Your Strategic Sales Plan

If you are searching for a plan to elevate your sales force to peak performance, then we can make your vision a better reality. We bring over 30+ years of sales expertise along with analytic-driven decision making. Our secret weapon? It is a savvy process to create a killer strategic plan to crush your sales goals!

This 1-2 day spirited session is like our StrategXpedition Summit Meeting for your sales organization.  Are you ready to face the crucible of sales boot camps? The process covers every critical aspect of your sales organization. During this intense 24-36 hour time frame, we guide you, your sales team, and the entire operation, through a transformative process. We will cover every significant detail with diagnostic insights, generating inspiring ideas, with impactful results. The outcome is a printed plan, inspiring you, and igniting your sales team, to higher peak performance. We help your sales operation live up to your why for your tribe.

Analyzing your sales organization to discover new insights, create impactful ideas to grow your top line. Then, send you packing with a solid roadmap to get you over the mountain.

We act as your sherpa guide on an impactful expedition into the fuel that fires your top line revenue. If you need to give your sales organization a boost in order to crush your goals, then you came to the right place for transformation and lasting change in this new sales environment.



When you know you have the right team, outfitted in the best gear and a good map to get you where you are going…you are more inspired to make it happen.



Any B2B or B2C sales organization would benefit from this consulting session. We have worked with many sales management teams from small companies to Fortune 500 teams.


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The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you– Max De Pree
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The meeting has one critical outcome…an actual tangible roadmap, to grow your sales operation and revenues.

We begin by exploring your sales goals and challenges.  You will be guided through an ultimate process of realigning your sales talent around your best customers. Our selling system is designed to provide your sellers a way to guide your clients to better solutions with evidence at each step of the process. Truly, you will deliver world-class service.

Your sales organization will immediately see massive impact as you’ll be:


  • Focused on your best customers and ideal targets.
  • More efficient with a common language.
  • Creating accountable outcomes at each stage, providing you with much more accurate projections.

We begin by setting your compass. Thereby, realigning your sales operation around the values and purpose of your organization—your True North. Once we have clarity of direction, we guide you to the edge, probing deeper to uncover the real truths. No stone is left unturned.

 Then, we assemble your most able explorers to generate long lists of truly innovative ideas around your goals. Next, we fully develop your top 3-5 strategic priorities or initiatives you agree will crush your goals.  Finally together, we will draw up a very tangible roadmap to exceed your stated sales goals.

All of this will culminate in your deliverable-- a printed detailed plan of inspiration and action!  You will achieve commitment and accountability from all your champions when they see it in their hands. You walk out certain your team is all paddling in the same direction.

Your unique pathway for your journey will have the following consistent checkpoints.

  1. Basecamp — You will begin your journey with a consultation prep-call to kick off the two-week trek before the actual Sales StrategXpedition. As the leader, you will share your values—goals—challenges and together we will list any obstacles.
  2. Preparation Determine Facts/Research. Once we have the prioritized list of strategic objectives for your sales team we will determine the specific facts/metrics needed before the meeting.
  3. Equipment Check —Critical Path Checkpoint. We like to check-in with you before we proceed to make sure we are on track and have everything prepared correctly for a successful SALES SUMMIT. We will visit your current list of values—what you now see as your purpose and get a sense of your current compass position in relation to your True North. In order to get the most from your session we like to include anyone else on your team you may choose (another manager or top sellers or the whole team if you choose) in prioritizing your list from 12-15 challenges down to the top 3 most important strategic sales objectives (usually by email preferably no later than 24 hours of the meeting). We will also confirm the date and time for the meeting as well as the ideal resource  group based on your objectives. Some sales managers like to bring in SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) to have a broader perspective. In addition, we will prepare an “equipment list” of all relevant facts and emotions about the objectives for your sales team to prepare before the summit meeting. 
  4. Pack Essentials Diagnostic/Research. We will need to refine the equipment list to include any specific diagnostic data or metrics in relation to your objectives. This will save valuable time and energy in the meeting.  You need to perform a check up or snap shot of your current reality as it pertains to the goals and objectives preferably one week before the actual meeting. The prep-list will be sent to each member of the resource group at least 24 hours before the meeting. 
  5. Summit Camp Sales StrategXpedition The process for the meeting will always be consistent with the objectives listed in the chart. (see detailed meeting infographic  to left)
  6. Summit Strategy Follow-up call/meeting is to make sure our summit strategy is on target and we still have commitment and energy to execute the plan and actually summit. Remember what our mission is… at this point we ARE going to do this! So, we will follow up on the action plan(s) to double-check, troubleshoot, sanitize and purify the entire plan to include any new items, resources, date changes, etc. 
  7. Energy to ascend Complete Action Plans: The final plans should be delivered to the appropriate people preferably within 2 weeks of the Sales StrategXpedition date or sooner. This is a critical point to make sure we have the right strategy and resources to exceed your goals. It is inspiring to have the finished roadmap in your hands!
  8. Summit Execution—Descent analysis. This follow-up is critical to keep everyone accountable for results. Remember we are not successful just to summit—we must make sure we get everyone and all resources included to the celebration party. We will guide you through your pathway to success including coaching and any appropriate items relevant to assisting your team with execution and accountability of the Plan(s). 

The meeting has one critical outcome…a tangible roadmap to grow your sales operation and revenues.



We are ready when you are! Don't procrastinate! Contact us immediately to get your sales team on our calendar and your plan in the works. It is an easy first step on your way to a higher performance plan for your sales team!


Again, we prefer a rustic sight however, we can customize this event to match the physical and environmental comfort needs of your sales management team. In our experience, it is best to get out of your office setting. Let's discuss an inspiring site suitable for your team.

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