Peak Performance Bootcamp for Sales Managers
"Vision without execution is hallucination."~ Thomas Edison

We specialize in helping your sellers think more responsibly, and how to drive greater sales performance.

There are almost as many sales techniques and processes out there as stars in the sky it seems. The sales game has really changed. Now, there are so many digital channels, allowing infinite access to solutions, and information in your pocket and at your fingertips 24/7/365.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a game changing process? The can show you how to deliver evergreen value for your best customers and consistently grow your top line revenues?

And, Here's the Best Part

 The  is a more mindful~progressive way to combine the incredible tools and resources available today, in concert with a smarter process. This system will help your sellers use their whole brain to consciously, quickly and methodically generate new insights and relevant ideas with impactful results for your clients. This approach will genuinely serve your best customers.  With Repeated Innovative Performance, your sellers will build real TRUST and REAL growth in less time.

In this stimulating  2 1/2 day workshop we will focus on strategies, insights and ideas with impact for the three (3) critical areas of your role as sales manager:



We believe… to be a healthy sales manager you need to seriously consider each leg of this Successful Sales Managers Stool and the amount of time you invest into each area. Any deficiencies, will certainly mean the stool will fall.  Would you like to balance your work life with a healthy sales force?

Our  is designed to provide a world-class buying experience for your best customers ensuring your entire organization will be inspired to deliver.

Our peak performance sales systems, when executed in a culture believing in process-based innovation, will provide a new language for your entire team to walk the talk. Therefore, you will deliver more value to your tribe and certainly your top line revenues. An evidence based process, will generate better solutions for your best customers, with clear outcomes at each step of the sale. This all results in higher engagement, less wasted time, more accurate projections and measurable revenue growth.



You don’t go on expedition without a solid plan, preparation, knowledge, gear and a map to get you where you want to go…we have walked many a mile in your moccasins and we know how good it feels to beat your goals, develop a world class team and to summit!  Once you install our    you will immediately realize the ethereal life balance you have strived for but has eluded you because too many bullets are coming at you everyday. Come spend 2 1/2 days with us to learn new insights, stories, enlightenment, and generate ideas with lasting impact on your life and work.


















Working for many different sales management teams, from small companies to Fortune 500 teams over the years, we have observed in most all industries, in particular B2B sales organizations, your sellers are dealing with an increasingly more intricate sell. In fact, with today's digital “needed it yesterday” distracted buyer— the sales game has most certainly changed. We don’t view it so much as a game, as an insightful journey, to develop innovative solutions for our clients. Even the word "solutions" is exhausted.


That’s why we developed our creative  ,  combining our powerful insight-driven sales process, backed by an efficient Sales Management System. We are confident that together we will start a fire in your sellers, to ignite your revenues and fuel real growth for the years to come.


If you are like the character of Kevin Spacey in the movie "Horrible Bosses", this might not be best for you.


Our system is best suited in industries where innovative input and ideas is brought into the buying process through your sellers. If your strategy is more product~price oriented, then we might suggest you consider a change.  The typical rep to sales manager ratio is 7-8 :1. Imagine the X~potential impact in your organization, if you had a simple system you can easily execute, to recruit~select~develop each individual seller on your team!


Are you ready to develop a world-class sales team designed for the future, generating insights and ideas, impacting the value you deliver for your tribe and your top line?




The outcome is to make you a better sales leader—inspired to make a difference with your team and your top line.

PEAK PERFORMANCE CAMP for Sales Managers will equip you with the following skills & tools guaranteed to impact your sales organization:

⇒ Focus on YOU! ~Leadership insights, ideas to impact you personally.

⇒ Personal insights into your management style.

⇒ Talent is CRITICAL to your sales success!

 We share uber~important insights into recruitment & selection.

The art/science in the development of high performing sellers.

⇒ Playbook for more productive 1:1 Meetings.

⇒ Plug & Play system for an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each seller.

 You learn a greater understanding and appreciation for the difference between selling and marketing.

Along With:


→ An introduction to the  .

→ EASY TO EXECUTE systems, focused on your best customers (tribe) and ideal targets.

→ Provide your organization with a common language along with accountable outcomes at each stage.

→ Evidence based systems for much more accurate projections/reporting.

→ Fingerprint your tribe.

Analyze, implement, and execute a proven Sustainable Account Management System, and even integrate with your CRM.

Insights, analytics and new tracking systems.

How to run more effective sales meetings + your starter kit.

Develop systems to track what matters.

Immersion in a new mindset. Upon extraction, you emerge from this experiential bootcamp walking the talk.

We will traverse the Top 7 Peaks for Sales Management Performance  

Leaders are fascinated by future. You are a leader if and only if, you are restless for change, impatient for progress and deeply dissatisfied with status quo. Because in your head, you can see a better future. The friction between 'what is' and 'what could be' burns you, stirs you up, propels you. This is leadership.


We are ready when you are! Don’t put this off!  Contact us immediately to get your sales team on track to real peak performance and grab yourself a tall glass of peace of mind.

Take the first step toward a more sustainable sales system.


With a team of 5 or more, we'll bring the PEAK PERFORMANCE BOOTCAMP for Sales Managers and our new  to your camp!

We'll coordinate the expedition— all you have to do is get your gear on! The event can be private or public —sponsored by your organization at the location and dates available. Most folks like to keep a sharp eye on their travel expenses, so we can make the logistics easier on you. We’ll handle all of the details…We will even take the time to customize the process to your specific industry/clients so you get the most impact!

Our only focus is to deliver an inspiring actionable experience for you and your team!

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Again, we prefer a rustic sight but will customize to match the physical and environmental comfort needs of your team. We have found our results are much better when we can get you OUTSIDE of your “box” so we will consult with you to find a mutually inspiring site suitable for your group.






We’ll create a great plan to fit your specific needs and spark a fire in your sales organization!