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If you truly love what you are doing, your life will gain more meaning and purpose!

A new progressive approach to B2B & B2C selling with mindful ways to produce more relevant ideas— impactful results—to inspire your clients, peak your performance, and ignite sustainable results.

Welcome to a more natural way to approach business-to-business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) selling. Imagine if you could get a new playbook, with mindful ways to  to engage your best clients, and ALL of your resources.  If, you could get better sales results NOW—would you?!?  Due to the , you will deliberately generate new insights, build your pipeline and leverage your social platforms. As a result of the power of the process, you make the most complex sale simple!  Furthermore, you will produce more relevant ideas with impact! Your new “rush from the sale” will be the trust you develop in your clients’ mind from~

Repeated Innovative Performance (RIP) and more “evergreen” results.

Traditional “solutions-based” selling has been uprooted, so to speak, as a result of evolution. As a warrior of the solutions-based sales methods of the last 30 years, I have a true understanding of the very foundations of modern selling. I finally came to grips with the tough realization, especially in B2B selling today — your customers don’t need you the way they used to. My observation has been, over the last few decades, sellers have become experts at discovering customersneeds and presenting them solutions—usually convoluted—forced combinations of products and services that “magically fit” their needs.

It usually worked because, customers didnt have as many options for figuring out how to solve their own problems. Nonetheless, they often had a pretty good understanding of what challenged them. However now, due to the outstanding sophisticated procurement teams, consultants armed with troves of data, and “tech @ your #fingertips” clients can readily define solutions for themselves.

You should be more of a ‘guide-on-the-side’ helping your clients create sustainable, impactful, solutions based on their real and perceived needs.

By combining these observations with insights concerning requirements for social, economic, and environmental sustainability to be met, we suggest you change your evolved sales focus to adopt a more natural servant -based sherpa-like approach to selling. Your approach should be more of a guide-on-the-side’, helping your clients create sustainable and impactful solutions based on their real and perceived needs rather than just ‘make-a-sell.

So, as purveyors of , we created our set of 10 foundational beliefs you might adopt, to form the basis of a framework for more evolved selling~

  • Pursue a relentless focus on insights, truth, and understanding of your tribes’ primal needs.
  • Generate truly innovative, mindful, and impactful ideas.
  • Unleash both innovation and a commitment to take action.
  • Engage your whole self—your mind—body— and spirit.
  • Command your full range of competencies—the purity of your passions and knowledge.
  • Acknowledge the critical leadership role you play.
  • Distinguish and build upon your leading~edge relationships.
  • Adopt a long-term sustainability mindset.
  • Adopt a rigorous approach to measuring the sustainability of your actions-projects.
  • Put sustainability at the heart of your sales decisions.
When you awaken to this new mindset, you will learn to listen for challenges with your natural genius, and suppress your instinct for product solutions.

Your goal is not to beat your client into submission, but to hear, with extraordinary ears and heart, in an effort to uncover what lies beneath the surface of the clients discontent. You must learn to match your communication style with your clients sensibilities.

You have the natural wisdom and psychological wherewithal to adapt creatively to the any challenge you face. With practice, this mental skill of inner-flexibility, will make you even more effective and powerful as a seller, and as a true problem solver.  Taking the higher trail, and viewing your client as a real partner, you will connect on a much more personal level.  Learning to be mentally flexible, and totally immersed in your clients situation, will give you dynamic results!

This means being able to create the experience of a whole relationship, with appreciation, cooperativeness, and abundanceeven when they may oppose you. When you demonstrate a true spirit of cooperation from real value you provide— your client will trust you more, and you both will grow and prosper. Think about the impact this new outlook will have on your priorities and actions!

Once you master our  you will be inspired to chunk your old “pitch” and become a real trusted partner with a profitable and meaningful client list.




When you know an easier trail up and over the mountain…you gain inspiration to do it.



Our system works best in industries where innovative input, and ideas, you—the seller bring to the dance, are the difference. Regardless of how your competition drops discounts, our process will help you bring an X~ponential impact to the value you deliver for your tribe.

We have worked with literally thousands of sellers, from small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies. Because of our experiences, we have observed most industries, in particular B2B sales organizations, are dealing with a more complex sell, with well informed sophisticated buyers, in today's' distracted economy. We are confident our creative  , once mastered, will start a fire in you to deliver real value for your clients, smiles for your bank accounts, and fuel real growth for you and your families for years to come.

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The meeting has one central outcome…a complete plan to grow your sales operation and revenues.


can be defined as our method of combining incredible tools and resources available today, with our powerful process. This in turn, helps you to utilize your whole brain - consciously, quickly, and methodically, -  to generate new insights and relevant ideas with impactful results for your clients. Executing Repeated Innovative Performance (RIP), will empower you to build real TRUST and REAL growth. 


Growing up in the era, we certainly don’t have anything against a holistic lifestyle, or anyone trying to promote peace, love, and happiness. Most certainly, we DO BELIEVE in a better way to sell, with a more mindful approach to the relationship you can foster with your best clients.


Sage Selling Process Guide
Sage Selling Process Guiding to Engage Your Client Through Situation to a Solution


In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Reflect on your journey as a seller thus far.
  • Experience the power of the .
  • Move beyond selling tactics to a, creative~insights~ideas based system, giving you a more impactful sales strategy your clients will trust.
  • Develop a tribe of customers who can't imagine life without you!
  • Develop a wellspring list of customers, insulating you from economic fluctuations, regardless if you just started, or, you are a veteran.
  • Complete most of the process BEFORE you even contact your client.
  • Develop your own systems to track what matters.
  • Improve your projections, through a simple, evidence based approach, for reporting accuracy.
  • Real tips, scripts, tools, and techniques, to strengthen your relationships with your best customers.
  • Golden Rule for prospecting.
  • Fingerprint your best customers.
  • Real listening techniques to uncover true problems, challenges and opportunities (PCO).
  • Execute ideas with impact.
  • Create an OTM (on-the-money) plan/proposal.
  • Guide your client to agreement.
  • Deliver your promise with impact. 
  • Utilize cutting edge techniques, to increase your sales, and strengthen relationships with your best customers.
  • Repeat Innovative Performance.




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