What Our Tribe is Saying

“One of the best facilitators and trainers I know. A great teacher, sharp, creative, and attentive to the needs of the team.”

Steve Stockman President at Custom Productions, Inc.

“…dynamic, engaging, innovative, and gregarious… thinks way beyond what the typical person does and brings passion and excitement to any team.”

Kimberly Cutchall CEO-Accendo

“Mike is one of the most enthusiastic and qualified trainers I have ever had the opportunity to work around…. His executive leadership courses were outstanding.”

Lee Larson Board Member

“…The ultimate “fox-hole” buddy, mentor and collaborator.”

Bob Baranski Seattle Weekly

“A charismatic, creative and effective consultant.”

Vince Shadrick ScentAir Technologies

 “I never know whether to be scared or fascinated!”

anonymous U.S. company

“…a part of multiple strategic planning sessions for my sales organization…his knowledge and passion for sales, and his mastery of the art of facilitation combined to help us build, refine, and unlock powerful strategies that grew revenue and market share.”

Chad Haldeman Generate Consulting, Inc

“Mike is truly original, with a refreshing way of cutting the bull and getting right to what’s getting in the way of reaching the desired outcome.…a magnetic leader whom engages teams to do more than they thought possible.”

Heather Rumley Clearwater Performance Group

“Under Mike’s guidance his team helped reshape our thinking. They altered old school paradigms and made us far better than we could have hoped for by the time they left the room.”

Hartley Adkins iHeartMedia

“… A person of integrity with a genuine commitment to help others excel and to discover what they do best. I’ve seen Mike work 1:1 and command a room of hundreds. Great energy, positivity, and strategic thinking. “

Rob Williams Senior Vice President Operations at Townsquare Media

“…. Mike has a natural ability to build strong relationships both with his colleagues and with external clients due to the genuine nature of his interactions. With Mike, there is no pretense…what you see is what you get.”

Stephanie Hood Clearpoint

“Truly a difference maker— with incredible sales training insight. Mike understands challenges managers face as they lead diverse groups of individuals.”

Kris Foley iHeartMedia

“…a proactive solution provider that helps his clients create strategic plans of action and then is able to coach and develop people to implement tactically and achieve the desired results.”

Chris Crawford Efficio Solutions

“Skilled in teaching, a client focused, solution based sales approach, and did a great job of elevating the sales performance in NY.”

Steven Kritzman Pandora

“His leadership, energy and knowledge of the sales process are superb. Keeping a group on task while learning and having fun is a talent.”

Rick Yacobush Market President

“His enthusiasm combined with his ability to motivate made him one of my most trusted partners.”

Eddie Martiny President/Market Manager- iHeart Media

“Teams that have the opportunity to be a part of his sessions, leave with fresh ideas and the ability to think bigger.”

anonymous U.S. company

“I can say with certainty he displays creative energy and enthusiasm like no other!”

Erik Christopherson Cumulus Media

“A true professional who is honest and strategic.”

Pat Kelley Townsquare Media

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