Moving out of the fog to clarity—inspired to exceed your organizational goals.

We invite you to go on our most impactful expedition into the heart and soul of your company. This session is for any organization needing to figure out why they exist and how to get customers to buy into your “why” you do it.  It is most important for the wellness of your organization to take this much needed time to reflect, discover, and focus energy on your company’s strategic challenges. click for full details-->

Your team will join us on an expedition challenge where you will experience how to truly become a high performing team. You will learn “R.E.A.L. insights” among your team, share inside secrets of team success in some  challenging situations—you will “surthrive” with new leadership skills and your collective performance will soar to new dynamic heights.

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Business Solutions


In this impactful session, as your guide, we will use creative techniques to help you and your team build more innovative as well as detailed plans around your short and long-term business goals. You will get more innovative development solutions which increases the certainty you will exceed any desired outcome.    Click for full details-->                                

Individual/organizational leadership development

New polarity therapy creates an insightful model for energy medicine and teaches skills for balancing the human energy system. We apply similar models for you and your team to improve your energy field, and provide valuable tools to improve your work experience. Click for full details-->



Build better communication/listening skills. During this powerful session you will discover a new mindset, how to apply principles of empathy, language and negotiation to your everyday situations transforming the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. You will find new success and fulfillment. Click for full details-->