Creative Problem Solving Facilitation Training

Introducing the i3X Process

Your process to generate new insights and eXponential ideas to positively impact your company and personal life adventure.



Sherpa Series-How to Become an !deaXpedition Guide

Our Sherpa Series is a proven foundational stepping stone process to set you on the right path to  becoming a skilled guide in facilitation. Like building a house first, you must begin with a solid foundation. Then, add more substance as your facilitation journey progresses.  


When you need real innovation on-demand you need to go on an !deaXpedition. We have taught thousands, and want to share our impactful !3X process with you in this introductory workshop to becoming a creative problem solving facilitator.
We believe we can teach anyone how to access their own or others’ creativity. We will set you on the right pathway to become a capable guide of our unique creative process.

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Building on the series in this fast-paced workshop you will get new insights into your facilitation wins AND epic fails. Along with a huge pack full of new techniques and tools you can apply to handle any fork in the trail and ignite creative fires in your own basecamp.

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This workshop is NOT about mastering your facilitation skills and certainly is NOT the final in the series.  Our nature is to be constantly learning and growing in our mastery of this powerful process. And like Mother Nature herself this workshop is truly unique and always changing!  We challenge your mind and facilitation skills with the latest facilitation insights and impactful tools and techniques. 

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Create a real trailblazing and sustainable culture of innovation for your organization. Integrating a transformative process with a new mindset makes it easy for everyone to ‘walk the talk’ instantly.
We call this the “trailblazer” because it takes real courage to explore the edge of innovation in your company. In this 1  1/2 hour keynote or 3 hour workshop, we come to your basecamp and teach your whole organization a new creative language and mindset open to the creative spirit. Of course, you will need to practice to change old behaviors…the good news is, you can learn to be creative! With our i3X process, you can do it on-demand with our simple rules of engagement. Every single team member will be “creative~leaders” upon extraction.

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Individual Solutions




We take you through a  personal journey to change your life! You might be inspired to improve yourself, your career or start a new business. This is our most rewarding adventure! We get the privilege to guide you to make your dreams come true. We provide you the map and the freedom to take hold of your vision now!

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