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“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”   — Neil Armstrong
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Rather than a wide shotgun shot of bad messages, wouldn’t it be more effective to adopt a rifle shot strategy with valuable targeted content your tribe trusts?  

You just might be missing out on the greater benefits content marketing can offer.

There are lots of companies out there more advanced than us about HOW to do the mechanics of inbound or organic marketing but, we have noticed they fall short on the HOW & WHAT for creating exciting and inspiring content to actually help AND convert your customers into tribal advocates. There are some amazing stats out there about the rapid growth of content marketing with mobile leading the way.

Consider this crevasse.

The “Was it good for you Honey?” Insight

Please take a look at the infographic on the left. Now, notice the enormous gap between what mobile advertisers believe they deliver and what consumers really want.  (see infographic) Typically most business leaders want to find a way to measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and tactics~ and we agree, this is very important.

Most of my life I have been under fire as a trainer, leader and facilitator to be accountable for the inextricable connection between how new insights, ideas, behaviors and actions, with impact, can increase revenues.  If your primary goal is to increase top-line revenue more efficiently with content marketing, or to find a cheaper way to get customers than traditional advertising you just might be missing out on the greater benefits content marketing can offer.

Do you see the enormous opportunity there is to deliver relevant and compelling content as well as effective advertising to move the marketing needle and build your tribe? 
Our observation here-- there is a lot of uncertainty and even poorer planning on the part of many leaders.

Technically, content marketing has a born date of 1993—struggled through the terrible email spam years, to now-- a thriving twenty-something beast! In the early days, many marketers had successes (and epic fails) because, the audiences were easier to reach and there was less competition. This made for a more forgiving marketplace. Now, the numbers are proving the landscape will be much harder to perform in and, just like nature, only the strong (wise) will survive. Because of this, you must deliver more compelling and creative content for an  increasingly demanding and discerning consumer.

Another alarming insight is that many companies, in order to compensate for waning results, mistakenly publish content even more rapidly, at higher volumes across even more channels.


Let’s slow down the  "ready…tweet…fire''  lizard-brain reaction and get better at compelling —relevant content that resonates and keeps your tribe loyal.


If you need more reasons why, check out the mountain of infographs for more insight⇒ 
We would love to show you some quick and creative techniques to lead you to inspiring content your tribe will trust and have faith in. Most importantly, content they will tell others about. Or, have them do what you want them to your stuff.
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Anyone who wishes to improve  creative messaging skills…so if you write articles, blogs, newsletters, and create products or services around them, you run a content-driven business. Our process works for service-based business owners, marketers, sellers, bloggers, educators, managers, brand managers, creatives, solopreneurs, podcasters, course creators, and more.



You will get high energy engagement early-on, as we provide you with the techniques to help you get over the, “What do I write?!?” step. And, don't worry, leave the execution for all of  your technical bells and whistles to those “techy”guys!


Let’s unpack the details to see what you will learn: 

⇒ New insights into trends in 2017 and how to prepare for the future.

⇒ Understand the nuances between online, mobile, inbound, social media & content.

⇒ How to gather info, analytics and insights.

⇒ How content can ignite your other marketing efforts.

⇒ Learn an abbreviated version of our i3X Process—a rapid~repeatable process to generate more creative content, on- demand, with exponential results.

⇒ Receive an outline for developing a written strategy and what to do when your OSM happens.

⇒ How to set and meet clear priorities for your social media marketing strategy.

⇒ How to break down the common barriers to your creative content challenges. 

⇒ How to consistently generate more creative original content to enhance your brand, scare your competitors and truly engage your tribe to want to ride shotgun for you!

⇒ Learn powerful storytelling techniques and 2-minute techniques to increase brand loyalty & trust.

⇒Simple metrics & measurement tools to discover usable relevant insights to grow your level of content engagement and ROI.

⇒ Join a powerful community of like-minded creative business owners.

⇒Learn from successful and epic fail case studies.

and Finally....
Reach extraction with actions you will start Monday morning!!
There’s roads, and there’s roads,
and they call. Can’t you hear it?
Roads of the earth
and roads of the spirit. The best roads of all 
are the ones that aren’t certain. One of those is where you’ll find me
‘Til they drop the big curtain.
— Bruce Cockburn


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