Idea Expedition Guide Camp
“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.”   — Edmund Hillary

We see this as the most passionate and valuable work we do—spreading the skill sets to others, to truly make a positive difference in the world.

If you wish to lead others in a creative way, we must first teach you how to break some simple old habits in order to unleash your inner creative beast! We understand, as you do, people learn more by doing.  So, you will jump on the bike early, with training wheels, applying simple tools to actually say, and do, the behaviors of an effective facilitator. Soon, you will be showing off in “know” time—confident in your new skills! 

Now, stop “blame-storming” and get your gear ready for an !deaXpedition! Choose to make a positive impact in your life.


Why Should You?

We are dedicated to spreading the word to “Think Responsibly.”  So, we have spent our lives in pursuit of combining the best art/science— left/right brain techniques and technologies to get better outcomes in business, education and in life. Would you like to achieve a higher level of facilitation performance? Then you need to learn to take command of your “Lizard-Brain” and evolve into utilizing the creative side of your brain to really sur-thrive in today's age of distraction. Once you do, you will learn techniques to guide any group to new heights of creativity and performance.

Your emotional brain evolved to be a guide to your reptilian brain. You are wired to be motivated more towards pleasure than pain. Think about how you can associate good as well as bad feelings from a song you hear or a smell that knocks the wind out of your sails. You learn to react differently to situations and stimuli. You learn to move away from the edgy reactive ways of your lizard brain. This is a very strong insight because many of us THINK we make decisions logically, but more often than not, we ACT on emotion.

So, why all of this discussion about our brain? Well, it’s kind of like the healthy regeneration of a forest after a wildfire.  In order to crack into our unlimited potential as creative beings, we must burn down or reprogram the snap judgments of our reptilian ancestors and learn how to use our emotional brain (regrowth) to help us turn the “judgment-faucet” on and off as needed to get better outcomes. Sorry to metaphorically blow your mind! Truth is, we need judgment, calculated judgment, to get to the right solution. Our brains are not good at doing both at the same time. 

Can you think of a situation, or better yet, a person who triggers that reptilian response in you? You know the confrontation that always ends in an OSM (“Oh S*** Moment”). Well, thanks to modern science, there is hope!  We now know our brains were not cast in concrete at age three, as neuroscientists (brain researchers) once believed. We have Neuroplasticity to embrace because our brains CAN and DO make new connections, building new neural pathways every day by the boat loads, most of which we are totally oblivious!

This life changing impact occurs when we learn to consciously teach ourselves how to change our habits and create new neural pathways. This process might sound simple, but trust us…we know it is NOT easy.  Change IS hard, but not impossible. Once you learn a new behavior, practice the correct way over and over, you begin to rewire your old habits. It’s like adding new strands to a rope making it stronger. Your brain works the same, keep practicing and it will almost happen as second nature to you. 

I bet you can relate to this experience—too often we think we have identified the problem, and we rush to a solution, and then to action (ready—fire!—aim! approach) , only to find we get burned in the process. You will learn above all else, how and when to use judgment. This is absolutely the foundation to becoming a better facilitator and get on your way to becoming a true guide to lead groups toward their desired creative summit.













Literally ANYONE who needs real innovation on-demand and is open to learning a simple new thought process will benefit from this workshop. We have taught managers, salespeople, creative directors, nurses, educators, 5 year-olds and even rocket scientists who are in or wish to be in a leadership position. You will become skilled as a sherpa-like-guide-on-the-side to lift your team to new inspired heights of innovation.

We have observed and noticed a lot of people talking about what you get in facilitation workshops. A lot of trainers promise some interesting outcomes but, let’s just say, they probably think camping is roughing it at the Ritz-Carlton!

"They" promise certification in 1-2 days with benefits like:

  • Learn to facilitate the creation and development of an idea.
  • How to identify the difference between creativity and innovation.
  • How to recognize your own creativity.
  • Ways to build your own creative environment.
  • The importance of creativity and innovation in business.
  • Problem solving steps and tools.
  • Individual and group techniques to help generate creative ideas.
  • How to implement creative ideas.


Well, we believe you get what you pay for, and those people are wading in the shallow water. We promise to deliver all that, plus go deeper than the rest! Let’s face it, you can’t climb Everest in 2 days! It takes time, preparation and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Anyone who has facilitated knows you don’t become ‘certified’ overnight. We don’t load you up with jargon or false hopes. We make it easy for you to get out in the field and do it!

Once you have experienced the power and success and adrenalin rush of our i3X process-at-work—we are confident you will want more!



We combine our proven teaching/learning model with the powerful  i3X  !deaXpedition Process, to help you facilitate like a boss. This is NOT a quick—get crazy—let’s slap some post-its with ideas on flip charts to look like we are busy workshop! We are serious about our process!

Specifically, in this workshop, there is less emphasis on walking out with fun ideas and much more focus on making sure you walk out confident to actually DO this process back in your basecamp. We want you to drop your training wheels before you leave. You will learn the basic i3X model and facilitation tools you can immediately apply.  Furthermore, you will know how to start facilitating for better solutions in your personal life, business, profession, or organization.

This process is truly transformational!

It has certainly changed our lives for the better! Let’s unpack the extreme volume of takeaways you will receive from our foundational creative problem solving facilitation workshop—

In this heuristic workshop you will learn:

»  To seriously cage your lizard-brain to open up new possibilities.

»  How and when to switch on your judge-brain for selecting the best solutions.

»  Take an assessment to see which part of the creative process you are naturally doing (Identify your creative strength)

» Ways to access your creativity on-the-spot.

» How to practice new creative habits so the process becomes second nature.

» Keen observation and listening skills.

» An ability to boost and strengthen the ideas of others.

» How fun it is OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

» How to access spontaneous brainstorming—clear decision making.

» The art AND science to generating the most effective challenge or objective BEFORE you engage in brainstorming.

» Your very own !deaXpedition thinking multi-tool and backpack full of  innovative thinking stuff.

»  The latest gear, gadgets and skills to keep your resource group engaged.

» New marketing insights, data collection techniques to make the process flow smoothly for sales clients, brands or any marketing application.

» New technologies & strategies for combining facts, thoughts and ideas in relevant ways. Careful instruction on HOW & WHEN to use these tools & techniques to get the most impact.

» How to use technology at your fingertips to generate more relevant ideas.

» Helpful ways to assist your client, boss or team to make the right choices about new ideas and plans BEFORE you potentially waste time in development.

» A fast—fun way take an idea from “Wow!” to ‘oh no you didn’t!

» Useful ways to get leaders to take action. Go from conflict, to commitment, to results.

» Strategies to help you be a catalyst to transform the mindset at your home or office.

» A flexible thinking process to improve your daily life.


Think of it this way, we plant the seed— you practice—we help nurture you with our !deaXpedition Tribe (an Exclusive Community for your support and coaching). You establish your own roots and pace for growth. There will be times where you may slip, fall down, get up, with real situations. And, we will be there to provide support and dust you off! We hope it will lead you to attend our other workshops to allow you to spread your wings into becoming a dynamic facilitator, ready to charge into any situation. If you want a transformational playbook for your pack— your journey starts here!









The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”   — Marcel Proust


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Again, we prefer a rustic sight but will customize to match the physical and environmental comfort needs of the team.

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