Got Crabs?!? What's Getting in the Way of Your Success

How greed, jealousy, and fear of failure, are just a few of the limiting beliefs (crabs) getting in the way of your success

It was a beautiful full moon night on the beaches of Destin, FL. Affectionately known to many as the Redneck Riviera, some years ago, my sons and I were having a blast wading in the ocean with our nets catching crabs for dinner. Both my boys were amazed at how none of them ever got away despite the full bucket. The crab in the bucket theory is really a common concept. Applicable to the real world, it paralyzes many businesses and certainly Washington D.C.

Every time someone begins to shine or get ahead, or God forbid…gets on the right track, there are plenty of team members around ready to drag them back down into the bucket of mediocrity.

It sounds like this…If I can’t:

  • have it
  • do it
  • achieve it
  • build it
  • help it
  • develop it
  • see the big picture

…then NO ONE will!

This ‘mainstream’, limiting mindset, has killed more creativity and innovation than that crab inside of your heart and mind…your own fear of failure!

When I first started in sales years ago, I remember one of my fellow ‘crabs’…I mean sales professionals, told me, “I wouldn’t call on that SOB! He will never buy any advertising!” Well I decided to take a risk, or as I like to say, “I was just dumb enough to try it!”

With risk comes reward…and a lot of challenges. Nevertheless, if you are persistent and smart, there is also great return! So, get out there and kick the bucketI mean kick it over and take some risks! Do whatever it takes to rise above! If you win, you will be happier, and if you lose…well, you will be much smarter…guaranteed.


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