About Dawn

Sharing abundant insights, innovative ideas and how to use technology for truly impactful teaching experiences.

Let me begin by sharing with you, the end of my story. Looking at the world through a different lens, a few years ago, I was led to my soulmate, Mike. Finding him (he actually found me, but that’s another story) brought back my inner only child. Thank goodness, sans my imaginary playmate I interacted with way back. Most of my career, minus my brief stint in the medical field, has been about teaching and leading others. You see, at the ripe young age of 17, just like so many of you, I had my feet firmly cemented in the direction of my chosen career. I just knew I would forever be happy in the medical field. Oh well, lessons learned.

My love of life science dragged me, kicking and screaming to my life path….education. I wanted to expose youth to the wonders of nature, and what better way than to become an elementary school teacher! Microscope in hand and body specimens ready and waiting, I exposed a lot of children to what their eyes had never seen before (Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter!) using truly impactful teaching experiences.

Nothing to this day is more enjoyable to me, than seeing someone, anyone, regardless of age, light up! You know... with that gleeful, childlike excitement upon mastering a new concept or skill for the first time. You see, before puberty kicked me out of my tomboy ways, I was that child in the back of the room flipping over her messy desk and driving the 5th grade teacher to pull her hair out (no...really). Never did my poor parents see an A in conduct from me!  Little did I know, later I would learn my ‘gift of gab’ would become my gift in the classroom.  “Emote! its o.k!”, became my moto!

I firmly believe it’s our challenges and obstacles that give us rings in our tree, so to speak. It makes us who we are meant to be. I have always embraced differences in myself and in others and how I loved those challenging young explorers!

As much as I, still to this day, love teaching our youth, I found my direction leading me to instructional technologies and postsecondary education. As marriage is about sharing, I must borrow, Mike’s quote from his story, “I finally found my special purpose!”  I suppose it’s the abundant benefits from innovative methods and the immersive power modern technologies can give a lifeless instructional lesson.

Speaking in my inner child voice now….”it’s more fun than stomping barefoot in a mud puddle!” Making classrooms and online courses come alive for adult learners, working hand-in-hand with faculty to ensure quality experiences with measurable results has given me a global perspective unique to many educators.

Today, everything I do is about helping you…the small business owners, learning institutions, and individuals from all walks of life, to find your special purpose. I am here to inspire, empower and bring you up to your new level!

 “Leaders don’t force people to follow. They invite them on a journey.”

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