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marketing strategy from an eagles eye view

If you feel your market strategy is just too vanilla,  then step off the road you are on, and together we will create a new roadmap with a clear destination in sight, giving everyone in the company inspiration to “live the brand.” 

Go on an exploratory expedition for your brand(s)!  You will be guided through a deep dive process to connect your ‘why?’ to your  tribes’ ‘why they buy.’

Together, with your brand team, in this strategic meeting, we focus on your best customers—your tribe— the real brand believers. During our unique BrandXpedition process we will explore your overall marketing strategy. Strating from an eagles-eye-view, canvasing every aspect of your marketing efforts— discovering new insights. Upon extraction, you will feel inspired with your printed cohesive plan—your team will be fired-up to execute!



 We focus on each brand in your portfolio through the lens of our FORDinsight Marketing process. (see below)



Most of the research suggests consumers are not as focused on globalization or the “established world order” as much as, "what have you done for me lately?!?"  Our insights lead us to believe the new movement is toward a more local, ‘field to fork’ attitude —kind of the “I’m gonna be accountable for me” mindset among consumers. Enough of the pasteurized, unnatural, polarized rhetoric the media pound us with daily! We feel a movement toward more organic, grass-roots delivery— and we will just pray for more accountability.

Most likely, many large global brands will be challenged to get connected on a local and community level.

This is where most of us can identify. Therefore, we predict “Howdy neighbor"—may be the new “global.” In fact, many consumers may be turned off by global reach, and more inspired by love of country and real values.

Achieving clarity about your brands’ true north impacts its relevance and stability with your tribe and will ignite your whole team to higher performance.




FORDinsight Marketing Model

fordinsight, model

We all consider purchases logically— based on data....more often than not, we choose based on emotion.



This strategy session is for anyone on your brand team who may be challenged by:


Poorly defined or imbalanced purpose, vision and values.

Losing sight of your brands’ true north.

Repositioning or refreshing your brand.

  Competition or evolution have you on the endangered species list—a“dinosaur smoking cigarettes!”

  Lost relevance with your tribe.

  A strategic brand plan which is wasting $$$$ or asleep at the wheel.

 Exploring new markets or channels.

  Visual consistency and compelling messaging.

  How to use technology appropriately to help you meet your tribe's’ expectations.



We apply a natural process we have found delivers solid results to get your brand on a healthy trek.  The five elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether – are the sources of ALL life and energy.

Your brand relates to these five elements in accordance to your balance with your tribe or your “brand believer.” This is a critical requirement for your brand to be healthy.


The most dense element and manifests itself as ailments in your brand’s total resources. Your whole operation—people, process, manufacturing, marketing, finance, revenues, etc. In other words it governs the nourishment of the brand and your sense of stability. Just like your body, an excess or bulk in any aspect causes obesity and, on the other hand, any deficiencies may cause death. Earth is associated with our strong sense of smell. The smell of money—it is the life blood that lays the groundwork for your business. You must have balance with money to continue to be relevant to your tribe. 



Water signifies and represents flow of emotion for your brand. Just like fluids in your body, it is essential for several critical functions. It controls/maintains your brand temperature, transports nourishment to your tribe, and also can manifest itself as waste. Water is important to your value proposition as it manifests itself in the emotions of your tribe and the spirit of your “why” you do what you do. We all consider purchases logically— based on data....more often than not, we choose based on emotion. You best have a keen sense of your brands’ emotional intelligence or more importantly your tribes’ taste for your brand. It’s the key to guiding each member of your tribe along the path-to-purchase.




Provides the energy required for all activities in your brand. It controls your brand temperature. A balance around this element is essential for smooth functioning for all your brand activities. Fire is associated with the sense of vision. Keen vision and the right fuel will ignite your brand in any cycle or season.




Air is associated with the sense of touch your brand owns with your tribe. It controls your value proposition, or the voluntary or involuntary brand choices. It is responsible for your customers’ thoughts, emotions, as well as electrical impulses. Such as:



~ What do they really think about your brand?

~ How productive are you with your marketing?

~ What real estate position do you own in their mind?

~ How well have you satisfied their cravings for THEIR needs to save time, money, convenience, status, grow, achieve a goal, feel good, etc.

~ How might you create a better aesthetic or kinesthetic experience for your tribe?


Space (or ether)

Omnipresent and provides a medium for everything to exist. In your brand, it manifests itself in the form of various gaps in your strategy and analysis.



~ As the most subtle of all the five elements, space is associated with the sense of sound and our ears. How pleasant does your communication/messaging sound to your tribe? 

~ Are you connecting directly—1:1 with each individual at the highest level?

~ Does your “why? match their why they buy?” Space controls growth and flexibility. It acts like a sponge that absorbs and transmits energy. It’s the “it”— that intangible energy of connectedness. Your why must be attractive to your tribe and act like a magnet for brand preference. Your tribe will be drawn to you because of the energy your brand emits.

~ Is your value proposition, price and image congruent with your marketing actions? If not, your tribe will erode and your brand will die.


A balance between these elements helps restore your brands’ energy and builds defense against the diseases plaguing many brands.  We take a natural and holistic approach to branding. Viewed more personally, we believe when we apply our innovative process to your organic operation, we create the power to heal your brand of any issues. When we focus on your vision, emotions, touch, sound, and connectedness of your brand we can restore its vitality. In your plan, you will stimulate growth through support and creative inspiration. You will build your brand story, optimize your marketing efforts, and create an inspiring user experience.


“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”  
— Carl Sandburg

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