advanced idea expedition guide camp
“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”― Emily Dickinson


Building on the series in this fast-paced workshop, you will get new insights into your facilitation wins AND epic fails. In order to receive a Private Pilot license, the FAA requires student pilots have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time. Creative facilitation is a little touch and go at times but should not be hazardous— before this workshop we hope you have logged more flying (facilitation) hours. We will help you dissect your experiences and take away impactful insights, along with a huge pack full of new techniques and tools you can apply to handle any fork in the trail. You will emerge as a more equipped facilitator ready to ignite creative fires in your own basecamp.



At this stage in your development, we have found that many facilitators are either encouraged to learn more or have skinned their knees so much they question the trek ahead. We understand, and will give you new hope and confidence with tools and techniques to get you on track to becoming a sherpa guide in facilitation. Would you find value in a supportive place for constructive discussion and much less presentation? We assess your needs and go where you lead us. Before extraction from this two-day invigorating excursion, you will build on your facilitation foundation and get structured coaching to allow you to trek out with a stronger set of skills.


If you have attended our !deaXpedition Guide Camp or any basic creative problem solving workshop, you are ready for this experience. We try to limit the size of this workshop so people receive the greatest impact from the group and all resources. As mentioned, this is more about YOUR growth through debriefing and listening. Would you like the chance to try out new techniques with other supportive facilitators? You will gain more priceless insights from your individual and collective facilitative experiences. We may need to consult with you before attending, to assess your skill level and to make sure we are speaking the same language.



We believe in our proven experiential teaching/learning model. In this intimate workshop, we will incorporate more focus on your real world facilitation experiences. Additionally, there will be rich, personalized discussion, debriefing, learning, and impactful insights specific to each participant. We invite everyone to “play-full-out” assuming responsibility for their own learning. Bring your facilitation journals (if you have one—if not start one!) and we will get deeper into the wilderness of creative problem solving facilitation.


In this experiential workshop you will learn:

♦ More insights about your facilitation style and how to manage different groups.

♦ How to assemble the most productive group for your session. 

♦ Nuances to handling a group in every step of the process.

♦ How to recognize the challenge statement with the most possibility or, how to phrase the challenge so your people are inspired to solve it!

♦ There are GOOD and BAD ideas and we show you how to guide the group to “more-better” or even “mo betta” ideas.

♦ Understand the anatomy of a brainstorm and how to go from “kicking yourself” to “alive and kicking.”

♦ New insights and techniques to expand your lists for problem/challenge statements, brainstorming ideas, or solution development.

♦ How to take the resource group from developing lifeless ideas to vibrant solutions.

♦ How to monitor and ignite energy in your resource group.

♦ How to engineer, by design, a positive outcome for any meeting.

♦ Ways to build on your own creative environment—boost your culture.

♦ How to make sure you get action to execute your most impactful creative ideas.

♦ How to gain commitment from your team and decision makers. 

♦ More adaptable communication skills to speed the process while ensuring positive outcomes. 

♦ To use individual, paired, and group exercises to generate better ideas.


Traveller, there is no path.
The path is made by walking.
By walking you make a path.
And turning, you look back
at a way you will never tread again.
— Antonio Machado


Anytime we have a desired group size of no more than 16. Please connect with us to get your session planned.


Again, we prefer a rustic sight but will customize to match the physical and environmental comfort needs of the team. We will also consider a site to accommodate the travel needs of the group with criteria like, geography and logistics.